About Dred Scott Trio

dred scott
is an irreverent and unpredictable musician who lives and breathes jazz. He plays jazz like a punk rocker might, his left hand telling tales of death and destruction while his right speaks of delicate beauty. Dred tells the truth...with a piano. Ignore him at your own risk.

dred grew up in st. louis, went to college in ohio, then lived in the bay area for 10 years. there he gained a reputation as an innovative and eclectic pianist and multi-instrumentalist. some highlights: recorded 10 self-produced albums as a leader and has performed on over 40 others. co-founder of the ground breaking hip-hop jazz group, alphabet soup. recorded with anthony braxton, cecil mcbee, andrew cyrille, joe morello, charlie hunter, bob mintzer, dave samuels, don byron, paul mccandless, marshall crenshaw and has performed with zigaboo modeliste, steve smith, mike clark, the paul dresher ensemble, liza minelli, courtney love, pete seager, arlo guthrie, levon helm, patti smith, norah jones, moby, bob weir, joe henderson, the berkeley symphony (kent nagano), ricky lee jones, dave garibaldi, larry schneider, dave schnitter, nina hagen, mary k. blige, alan cumming, chris tucker and milla jovovich.

the timeline

october 1, 2011: the dred scott trio ends their 6 year residency at the rockwood music hall in nyc. the announcement came in an email entitled 'countdown to armageddon'. new yorkers can no longer take this downtown institution for granted.

december 6, 2011: ropeadope releases not one but two Dred Scott records... 

   going nowhere... a beautiful record that brings tears of all kinds. dred angers, confounds, and   delights,  with longtime bandmates, ben rubin on bass and tony mason, drums. it's jazz that leaves you with 
more questions than answers. 

   prepared piano is a studio record with unedited live performances. "the piano was altered using a wide variety of household items and left that way for four months.  some of the improvisations are from the first months where i was still learning how what i had done to the piano would effect it.  and some are from the later months where i am more familiar with what notes will produce what sounds.  this is not the first record of it's kind.  i was influenced, of course, by john cage's beautiful preludes and interludes.  he only altered or 'prepared' a small section of the piano.  i changed every single note working on each one until that note was it's own universe.  then i'd move on to the next one.” (dred scott)

december 15, 2011: potcast series continues with live recordings and interviews from the rockwood music hall and other nyc spots.

2012: dred's collection of stories, or more appropriately transmissions from the underworld, 50,000 bonghits, is out in stores. 

2012: dred's collection of stories, or more appropriately transmissions from
the underworld, 50,000 bonghits, is out in stores.

Release Date - 12/6/11

Radio Add Date - 11/8/11