Apr 11, 2015


Feb 18, 2015


Joana D'arc, the daughter of Maestro and saxophonist Lolando Menegaz, was seamlessly educated on good quality music from an early age. As a young adult, she was coached by some of São Paulo's most distinguished musicians and arrangers who she had the opportunity to perform with at highly reputable venues and theaters, and appear on well-known musical TV shows.

Joana D’arc, after a long break, is making her grand debut with her latest record titled Com o Som no Coração, (translated: With Sound In the Heart). This soulful record is comprised of fifteen carefully selected songs covering some of the greatest Brazilian composers of all time such as, Djavan, Gilberto Gil and Lenine. The arrangements were perfected by maestros Gilson Peranzzeta and Leandro Braga resulting in a delicate, but memorable masterpiece that will evoke only the best emotions in listeners.

Com o Som no Coração is the product of true collaboration with the best musicians São Paulo has to offer such as, Nenê, Edu Ribeiro, Proveta, Gilson Peranzetta, and Leandro Braga. Combined with Joana’s outstanding interpretation, this musical work of art is guaranteed to exceed listeners’ expectations. The title of the record is a hint to the musical journey Joanna intends to take her listeners. So sit back and enjoy to the refined sounds of this masterpiece called With Sound In the Heart.