May 9, 2016



Press Quotes

" like that of Spare Parts used to be part of the pop landscape and their new tunes are so user friendly, it’s time to reintroduce you to the whole jazz-fusion thing as done up right by this Chicago trio." -Richard Milne, host Local Anesthetic 93.1 WXRT Chicago

"I'm always looking for the new and unique and quite often I look to the Chicago scene where there's always something interesting to be found. From that fertile ground comes BRIGHT MINOR from one of my favorite Chicago groups these days, SPARE PARTS. These guys squeeze more out of keyboards, bass and drums than any trio you'll find anywhere!" Russ Davis- Modern Jazz Radio (MOJA)

"These three can lay down some serious funk, whether it be the kind meant to get you on the dance floor, or the kind that makes you tap your foot while your mouth is left gaping. Clearly, a band that can lay down the funk for seventy minutes with nary a dull spot in the mix is doing something right. Very right." - Paul Abella, Chicago Jazz Magazine

One of the things that keep Spare Parts' music fresh is their constant evolution. They never rest on their laurels, content with where they are at. Rather, they push their own boundaries, along with those of the audience. This especially comes out in their live performances where the band manages to take what might otherwise be seen as a convoluted mess of genres and transform that into something that is not only coherent, but quite enjoyable. Spare Parts is entirely original and refreshing.” – Western Herald, Kalamazoo, Mi 

Nov 20, 2013

About Spare Parts

Who: Spare Parts

What: Jazz Funk Trio (keys – bass – drums)

Where: Chicago, IL

Latest News: Warehaus West Vol. 1 releases on ROPEADOPE RECORDS on May, 13 2016. The newest album, an homage to the band’s warehouse studio space, aims to capture the band laying down live performances in their element. The trio of Kevin Kozol on keyboards, Colin Scott on Bass, and Mike Bruno on drums has been exciting fans with their original funk and jazz for over 15 years. They have toured the US extensively as well as internationally at the Peru Jazz Fest. Now with their sixth album release the band brought in some of Chicago’s heavy hitters including fellow Ropeadope artist Bill Dickens on Bass, plus guitar virtuoso Fareed Haque, and the up and coming monster saxophonist Rajiv Halim. The album weaves between raw seventies funk a la Herbie Hancock, to jazz fusion and straight rock with the band’s cover of Four Sticks by Led Zeppelin. They also tackled Jazz Crimes by Joshua Redman, a song they have long enjoyed playing live.

Have opened for and/or shared the stage with: Victor Wooten, Stephen Perkins/Banyan, Wayne Krantz / Keith Carlock / Nate Wood, Chester Thompson Trio, Alan Evans Trio, Stanton Moore, George Clinton, The Wailers, JFJO, Lenny Pickett, Fareed Haque, Snoop Dogg, Liquid Soul, Marco Benevento, Garage a Trois, Ray White, Melvin Seals, Jazz Mandolin Project.

Recordings: Warehaus West Vol. 1 (2016) Spare Parts (2014) Bright Minor (2012), Trio (2009), Brain Candy (2006), Exit 54 (2003)