Apr 13, 2016

Onesheet 2016

Onesheet 2016

Mar 28, 2016

About "Speak Now"

Karikatura is a Transglobal Roots Pop band, making life-affirming, body-shaking music that moves people around the world. While the band has toured everywhere from Japan to Brazil, New York City is home. An organic synthesis of all the music heard blasting out of car windows and shops onto the streets of NYC, Karikatura lives where cumbia meets hip-hop, reggae meets klezmer and indie-rock meets Afrobeat. Neither purist nor revivalist, this is music of the present, for the future. The band released its latest EP, Speak Now, on Ropeadope Records on April 15th 2016.

Building on their acclaimed full length Eyes Wide (Ropeadope 2014), Speak Now features four songs that address the ghosts in our society: racism and white supremacy, gun violence, war and identity. The music on Speak Now is stylistically diverse, yet unified by Karikatura’s characteristic sound: blazing horns, reggae guitars and Afro-Latin rhythms delivered with punk-rock energy. Recorded in various studios on both sides of the Atlantic, and mixed by Grammy winning producer Pablo Arraya, the EP finds Karikatura both expanding and focusing their unique transglobal style with characteristic self-reflection, positivity and clarity.

Born on the road, Karikatura hasn’t stopped moving since. The band was conceived in South India in 2009 by Ukrainian-born, Brooklyn-bred recovering metal guitarist, Dima Kay, at the end of a life-changing journey across three continents. He returned to NYC to make the group a reality, joining forces with like-minded musicians: singer Ryan Acquaotta, bassist Eric Legaspi, trombonist Dan Lehner and drummer Morgan Greenstreet.

Together they’ve traveled from Kyoto to Berlin, via Bratislava and New Orleans, and they show no sign of slowing down: Five European tours, playing in 13 countries so far; tours of Japan and Brazil and four lengthy US tours; alongside releases of the album Eyes Wide (which went to #1 on the iTunes World Music charts on release day) and two EPs, Departures (2012) and Muzon (2010).

At home in New York City, Karikatura shares their world-wandering sound at venues such as SOBs, Brooklyn Bowl and Webster Hall for dancing crowds of avid fans. They’ve performed with legendary acts including The Wailers, La Santa Cecilia, Blitz the Ambassador, Chicano Batman and Slavic Soul Party. You might also catch them in the subways: Karikatura is part of the Music Under New York Program (MUNY), one of only 18 new acts chosen annually by the MTA out of 300 applicants to perform in the subways of NYC.

Wherever Karikatura goes they move people, equally at home performing at a packed festival in Belgium, a Manhattan bistro, a Czech punk club or the subways of Sao Paolo. Karikatura brings the world to New York and New York to the world, capturing the present moment, with eyes and ears wide open.